The Learning Objectives are customized, using the following general outcomes as guidelines, teaching you how to:

  • Discover your Passion and reach your unique Potential.

  • Develop Visualization techniques to build Confidence and Motivation; Implement the process of Imagineering to Solve Problems, Build Systems and Processes, Set and Achieve Goals.
  • Identify Behavioral and Values Preferences to effectively Lead, Mentor and Influence.

  • Institute the process of Imagineering to establish a Personal Mission and a Master Plan system of powerfully written, strategic, lifetime Goals.

  • Expand the development of Character, Courage, Confidence, Values and Strategic Attitudes by engaging the principles of Mental Entrepreneurship.

  • Build the Pillars of Personal Greatness, by introducing Mentors, Motivational Saints and implementing the concept of Raising Standards.

  • Identify your personal Standards of Excellence in the form of Values, Qualities, Attitudes and Behaviors that will link with your ability to achieve your highest aspirations.

  • Re-Invent and Transform your current life stage to an entirely New Chapter, aligned and congruent with your Master Plan Goals, Values, Standards, Passion and Potential.

  • Become a two-dimensional Mentor and learn Intuition and Awareness techniques to incorporate Internal and Leadership Acuity.

  • Utilize Leadership Acuity and Impact Leadership to effectively Mentor, Influence Others, and Make a Difference.

  • Develop a magnetic persona, based on the four primary components of Image, Introductions and Conversation, Intelligence and Knowledge and Giving and Receiving Information.

  • Welcome Challenge and Adversity as a bridge to Building Character, Attitude Control, and Achieving Master Plan Goals.

  • Understand and implement the principles of Tension, Control, Faith and Fate.

  • Utilize the Motivation-Power of Master Plan Goals to drive Perseverance.

  • Understand and institute the principles of Stealing Time and Making Memories to support Lifestyle Goals and enhance your experience of Fun, Adventure and Excitement.

  • Overcome Fear and transform it into Positive Energy to support Goal-oriented Action.

  • Incorporate the skill of Visualization and Ultimate Possibility Thinking to Inspect, Inspire and Infuse new energy and ideas into Master Plan Goals and Inspire Ultimate Possibility Decisions.

  • Develop the overall Lifestyle of Living Well by establishing and Living by your Own Rules and the Sixty-Days-to-Live perspective.

  • Extend the Heart into Actions and Behaviors to honor your most valuable treasure: People.

  • Build your State of Mind to master your Fate and make Power-State Decisions; Live Well by Living Here Now; Get the Big Picture.

  • Incorporate Carpe Diem into your daily life.


By mastering the above Learning Objectives, you will gain the most important and powerful result of all: Performance Perfection...aka...YOU, Inc. POWER!

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